societal change maker

The Accreditation for businesses with purpose


Would you like to take your thought leadership to the next level? 

Are you ready to deliver action and be a driving force to influence future legislation that will impact positively on generations to come?

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The Societal Change Maker Accreditation (SCMA) will demonstrate your belief in ethical business practices and cement your commitment to shape a better future of work. 

The SCMA will benchmark your business and future-proof it; allowing you to always attract and retain the very best talent, the UK has to offer.

the mission

We’ve all felt the dark clouds hanging over humanity. The world we collectively built over the last 10,000 years of ‘civilisation’ is no longer fit for purpose.

Urgent changes are needed to protect our planet & facilitate a level playing field that ensures every single person is represented fairly in society and experiences equal opportunities in life.

Covid19 has offered us a silver-lining in this sense and must be used as a catalyst to generate positive action. As we stand on the precipice of change, it’s time ‘We’, as collective businesses, step-up.

  • We need to challenge all ‘thought leaders’ and those in charge, to start action now.
  • Business must champion their individuals and the society they are absorbed in.

Our SCM Accreditation will move away from the traditional ‘validation’ of businesses – where ‘ticking boxes’ show they’re trying to improve.

SCMA rewards businesses that are active in building progressive working cultures.

  • We award our “stamp of approval” to those whose businesses are symbiotic of the world they exist within.
  • It challenges our business partners to learn, grow and inform government on what new legislation is needed, to further advance structural and economic change for good.
  • We take a holistic view of your organisation and the footprint you will leave on our planet.
  • We go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).
  • We drill down into your people, the career paths & benefits you provide to employees – now and in the future world of work.  We aim to understand how to negate the negative impacts that automation poses to the future world of work at large.

The SCMA will represent businesses willing to amplify the voice of their people and reverse the cultural oppression which has sat below the surface of our society, wrongly for thousands of years.

Above all, the accreditation encourages businesses and people to create a truly inclusive society together, where everyone will embrace equal opportunity, in the future world of work.

10 Areas for assessment

Climate Change & The Environment

Mental Health

Flexible Working

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Diversity at Board Level


Social Responsibility

Career Path Navigation

Entry Programmes

Ethical & Inclusive Automation

12 months of accreditation...

This will include a 12 month accreditation, profile page, award, external links to your website or career pages.

A summit to share collective learning and best practice with MP’s and APPG’s. To discuss where legislation would be best served to support further Societal Change

Digitised logo to showcase across your own collateral. Highlighting the amazing work and progress you are making for future generations.

The press release will be widely distributed across social, articles across our brands and also to our register of business, social change & education journalists.

Editorial collaborations to continue ‘Best In Class’ behaviours throughout the year of membership

Reach the talented and diverse Find Your Flex job seekers with an initial 12 job listings, to be used within the membership period.

The Find Your Flex audience dataset includes 58% female, 1 in 7 LGBTQ, 1 in 3 BAME and 1 in 10 with a disability. Help change the narrative on flexible working, where over 60% of all jobseekers are seeking flexibility for reasons other than childcare.

Your business is working hard to create a future of work that benefits all society and the world we live in. We feel you should get the recognition you deserve. The SCMA will do exactly that. 

what our Accreditees have to say

“I really love the idea of this accreditation – there’s so much mileage in it versus other business benchmarking solutions, I particularly love the work around sharing best practice, networking with other leaders and MPs and sharing case studies. “

Grace Perry, EMIS

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“Really easy to do and quite thought-provoking, when you see the different levels required and what you’d need to have in place to be at the absolute top of the list. It’s helped me think about how we shape our future strategy”

Matthew Matecalfe, Covea

The Founding partnership

find your flex logo

With a clear focus on the ‘Future of Work’, is The only UK job board that’s more than a job board. The Find Your Flex Group is on a mission to prove flexible working practices are how we build better futures for people and business.

“This accreditation will allow us to show our job seekers exactly who they should be working with. Which companies deserve their talent.”

Cheney Hamilton, CEO The Find Your Flex group

Bloor Logo

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. The future of business is changing fast.

“We are extremely excited to be part of such an important initiative that will help shape the future of work and enable a better society for future generations”

Brian Jones, Bloor Research

Digital Anthropology Logo

Digital Anthropology believes in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the heart of technological advancement and the digital revolution.
A charity at the heart of understanding the issues surrounding the rise in automation and the consequences. 

“This accreditation carries such an important message. One that all business need to take notice of and start taking measures to act upon.”

Helen Horner, Digital Anthropology

digital anthropology

Digital Anthropology are the awarding body for this accreditation. They believe in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the heart of technological advancement and digital revolution.

Their aim is to engage with global technology companies and their customers. Digital Anthropology believe they have a Corporate Social Responsibility surrounding the loss of livelihood caused by automation and encourage them to provide funding for our programmes.

They will prepare individuals for the Future of Work which includes developing resilience, emotional intelligence, multi-portfolio working and flexibility.

Through ongoing research they will guide individuals towards retraining and up skilling for occupations at least risk of automation and will advise Governement and Education providers on where the challenges for the youth of today and tomorrow will be.

digital anthropology - the board of trustees

photo of Catherine De La Poer

Catherine De La Poer

Catherine is a leadership coach, with a 20+ year career in senior commercial roles, within the media and recruitment industries. She has extensive experience working in start-ups/ fast growth businesses and generating revenue and profit from scratch. Catherine works with clients to motivate, build confidence and generate ideas to move their careers and businesses forward. 

photo of Will Gosling

Will Gosling

Will is a Human Capital Partner with 25 years of experience in helping clients transform their business impact through their people. He leads Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting practice in the UK and specialises in the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector. He is a regular commentator on Human Capital issues in the press.

photo of Nerys Mutlow

Nerys Mutlow

Nerys has a breadth of technical, business and leadership experience gained over a 20 year+ career with variety of companies including Xerox, Thales, Fujitsu and ServiceNow. She has held senior EMEA business, consulting and technical roles and is consistently recognised for her technical aptitude, business understanding and focus on driving value and innovation for her customers.

Jenny Scrivener

Jenny is responsible for the Executive Interim Management Solutions business across all sectors in a HR Recruitment boutique. She is passionate about the future of work, believing there are more than one way to provide the solution to a resource need within a business.  I am very much a people person, build solid and lasting relationships with a purpose of happiness at the core.

photo of Rebecca Skellett

Rebecca Skellett

Rebecca Skellett is Head of Strong Cities Network (SCN) at the leading counter extremism think and “do” tank, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue headquartered in London. The organisation is dedicated to understanding and innovating real-world responses to the rising tide of polarisation, hate and extremism of all forms. She regularly keynotes conferences, advises national and multi-lateral institutions and in international media such as the BBC World Service and CNN.

thought leadership encouraging action

The scma is not a revolution,
it is an evolution moment for business