How Does the accreditation work?

1 The Scoring Matrix

A few simple questions to see how your business performs against our criteria. Just follow the link below and complete the scoring matrix. This part is totally free of charge. Make sure you read through the questions and have the information you need to answer the questions.


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2 Find Out Your Score

You’ve taken the first step and completed the scoring matrix. Now a member of our team will be in touch to inform you of how your business ranks along with the next steps to accreditation. 

If your business has not reached our Bronze standard, we can help you get there. With our business coaches, tools and workshops – you can join the ranks of our annual accreditees and join us in Westminster at our annual summit in no time.

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3 Auditing Your Responses

Depending on your score, you will be placed as either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum category. Yet, to gain the accreditation we need to review the evidence from your answers. 

The audit process costs £250, which will be deducted from the final accreditation fee.

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4 Gain Your Accreditation + All The Benefits

Audit complete, well done! You are a Societal Change Maker. 

In addition to placing yourself as leader for positive societal change you stand to gain a whole host of benefits that you & we can utilise and shout about, including how ethical you are as a business and employer, throughout the year of your initial audit. 

The annual membership is a flat fee of £5k. 

Does Your business Meet The Criteria?

Time to score your organisation…

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