scma Key Areas For Competency

Climate Change & The Environment

Ensuring the health of our planet is a priority when considering the processes and actions within a business. Future generations deserve a green and clean planet, not one damaged by our lack of consideration.

photo of impact of climate change

Mental Health

Businesses taking an active interest in maintaining and supporting the mental health of it’s employees.

5 adults in an office

Flexible Working

Businesses taking the lead in making flexible working a day one right for all employees. Allowing open conversations regarding how, when and where an employee is most productive.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Closing the gender pay gap is extremely important if we are to have a truly equal and diverse work culture. Being transparent about your efforts and results are key in this accreditation.

photo of women in an office

Diversity at Board Level

Driving diversity with an organisation is key to a thriving culture and building equality within communities. This accreditation examines diversity at board level.


Inclusivity is key to cultural change within a business and society. Having a truly inclusive culture means being able to adapt to the needs of employees in order to provide them the opportunity to thrive.

Social Responsibility

This accreditation wants to see businesses takeĀ  responsibility in their local communities, to provide support for social enterprise and charities versus purely working for profit.

photo of device showing corporate social responsibility

Career Path Navigation

Key to inclusivity and diversity are access to careers. This accreditation examines your commitment to apprenticeships, returner programmes, career changers, graduate opportunities and long term out of work programmes.

photo of a mentor and young apprentice

Entry Programmes

Leaving no one behind. Engaging employees in development programmes has been shown to reduce attrition and creating various entry programmes are vital in attracting a more diverse candidate pool.

photo of a mentor and young apprentice

Ethical & Inclusive Automation

Business leaders implementing technology responsibly, by redeploying displaced staff and offering training or education opportunities to up skill early career or lower wage candidates throughout their talent attraction pipelines.

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